My name is A.J.

I love to design.

I have a B.A. in Graphic Design from California State University Northridge in '09 and an A.A. in General Art from Pasadena City College in '06 (which I always add because my years there were amazingly important to my career.)

Since then, I've worked for in-house design teams, agencies and studios in industries such as automotive, entertainment, editorial, packaging, consumer goods and non-profit causes. When I freelance, my work ranges from logo and branding, experience and event design to illustration and vector work.

I can operate as a lone wolf but excel best in a pack. When working with a team, I emphasize collaboration and encourage a democratic design process. Everyone's opinion should and will be heard, resulting in amazing creative.

Communication is a great art form and I simply want to be a part of it.





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